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Wire Mesh Filters

S.S. Wire-mesh cartridges are made from S.S. wire-mesh media by pleating it to give more surface area. Wire Mesh Filters are manufactured with
layers of woven wire mesh as filter media. Perforated metal sheet are welded into tubes as inner and outer shell for support to add strength.
Materials used are, 304 Dutch Wire Mesh (Plain Dutch weave type and Twilled Dutch weave type), 304 regular Wire Mesh. Materials used per
customer request. All Meshes are ultrasonically cleaned so as to increase the life and give better results.

The cartridge can be made by welding technology or by using epoxy joints, depending
on the applications. Wire thickness is the limit of wire-mesh media.

Wire Mesh Filters
Wire Mesh Filters
Wire Mesh Filters

Technical Specifications of Wire Mesh Filter

Resistant to high temperature and high pressure, and corrosion

High hole rate, high strength, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance

Can be cleaned repeatedly

High dirt holding capacity and long using life

Filter Ratings

Similar to the filtration of woven wire mesh used, can be
down to 5 micron.

Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers.
Receive the best quality prices and service.