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Polymer Sintered

Polymer Sintered cartridges have intricate network of open celled omnidirectional pores in average sizes from 0.8 -2000 microns.
Due to sintering process the filtration follows tortuous path. Not only do they act as surface filters by trapping particles larger
than their average pore size , they also trap much smaller particulate matter deep in their complex channels.
Polymer Sintered
Polymer Sintered
Polymer Sintered

Technical Specifications

Pore Size 5 microns to 200 Microns
Density 0.35-0.70 g/cm2
Porosity SS 316L / SS 304 / SS 316
Hardness 135% to 65% void volume
Temp Resistance -70 Deg to 260 deg (Depends on plastic polymers)

Application of Polymer Sintered Catridges

Waste water

Pharmaceutical Industry

Food Industry

Chemical Industry

Advantages of Polymer Sintered Catridges

We offer Sintered polymer filter cartridges for very special & aggressive
chemical application like highly acidic and very critical application of
inorganic solvents

Polymer filter cartridges are available in various varieties like PP, PE,

Sintered polymer cartridges are available in DOE type shapes and micron
rating upto 1 – 2 micron

These sintered polymer cartridges are partially cleanable and useful upto
certain temperature ranges like polypropylene upto 90°C, Polyethylene
upto 65°C, PVDF upto 200°C, PTFE upto 230°C

These are better for single cartridge housing fitments. However
multi-cartridges installation is also possible

Sintered polymer cartridges are very much useful for aeration & diffusion

Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers.
Receive the best quality prices and service.