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Dust Collecting Cartridges

Dust collection cartridges are now widely used in the field of dust collection system. These are made up of 100 % Spun Bonded polyester media with different coatings on it, as per requirement of applications. This spun bonded media are pleated in different pleated depths & heights to accommodate desired filtration area. Spun bonded filter media offers surface filtration, due to which pleated bags offer very high throughput & lower pressure drop across the filter compared to any conventional tube type filter bags. Pleated configuration offers almost 3 – 4 times higher filtration area compared to conventional bags.
Our wide range of filter media includes several types of Spun bond polyester, cellulose, needle felts etc.
These can be equipped with antistatic, oil and water repellent properties with special coatings or membranes.

These cartridges can be used in various filter environments and are manufactured to
deliver performance and meet your requirements.

Dust Collecting Cartridges
Dust Collecting Cartridges
Dust Collecting Cartridges

Construction of Dust Collecting Cartridges

Pleated spun bonded polyester filter media is placed in a cylindrical configuration with support cage of Galvanized / stainless steel / Polypropylene & encapsulated with EPDM / Natural rubber / Polyurethane or metal end caps to form a pleated dust collection bag. The end caps are configured to mount as clean side or dirt side fitment. In case of metal caps these bags are supported with soft sponge rubber or snap band cuff sealing to ensure positive sealing of filter while fitment.

Area weight of Dust Collecting Cartridges
filter media



260 gms/m2

Advantages of Dust Collecting cartridges

Sturdy Construction

Depth Type Filtration

Quick Fixing

Various fixing systems

Various sizes

Aluminum flanges

High flow efficiency

Open Pleat spacing

Various coatings available

Application Fields





Shot Blasting



Powder coating


Various Constructions of Caps

Dust Collecting Caps
Dust Collecting Caps
Dust Collecting Caps

Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers.
Receive the best quality prices and service.