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Filters For Power Plants


We are successful in indigenously developing a wide range of filters for power plants.

Filters For Power Plants are Listed Below:

Activated Carbon Filter
Air Filter for AHU
APH Support Bearing L.O. Pump Filter
APH Support/Guide Bearing Disc Filter
Air Breather
Air inlet Filter for Loco Compressor
Drain Oil Tank Filter
DEH on line filter
DEH Duplex filter
D.M. Water Filter
EH Filter
Fludising Blower Suction Filter
Fuel Oil Filter
Flusher Filter Flement
MDBFP Duplex filter
MDBFP Boiler feed pump filter
Mill L.O. suction
Mix Bed Inlet / Outlet Strainer
Main oil tank filter element
Seal Air Fan Suction Filter
Scanner Air Fan Suction Filter
Seal Oil Filter
Suction Filter (hydraulic Unit)
Stacker Reclaimer Filter
Scoop Coupling Strainer
Booster pump suction strainer
Break Air Filter
BFP Turbine Duplex Filter
Bag Filter for Ash Handling
Boiler / Feed pump Hydraulic
Coupling L.O. Filter
Boiler Circulation Pump Filter
Blower Suction Filter
HFO Filter
HFO Duplex filter
Hydro unit discharge filter
HFO unloading strainer
HFO forwarding Strainer
HPLP by pass filter
HFO pressurizing Pump filter
HFO Perculator filter
Pump Strainer
Regeneration Pump Discharge Filter
Return Line Filter For Hydraulic Unit Mill
Resin Trapper Filter Assembly
Slurry Pump Tread Coupling
Suction Discharge Strainer
Strong Acid Cation Filter
Stator Water Filter
Secondary Filter Element.
Control line Oil filter
Coal Mill Hydraulic unit filter
Compressed Air Primary, Secondary
     & Final Filter
CCCW Pump Strainer
CCW Hydraulic Filter Element
Instrument air compressor Oil Filter
Instrument air compressor air filter
LDO Filter
LDO transfer strainer do
LDO pressuring pump filter
L.O. flusher filter
LDO control station filter
LDO unloading strainer
LDO forwarding strainer
Lube oil filter for ID, FD & PA
Lube Oil filter for load mill
Lube oil filter for coal mill gear box
LDO duplex filter
Lube oil filter for bypass oil
Turbine Thrust Bearing Oil Filter
Turbine L.O. filter
TDBFP Filter
Turbine EH Oil Filter
Turbine Control Valve Filter
Y – strainer

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Receive the best quality prices and service.