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Simplex Housings

Basket filters & strainers will permit the straining & filtering of a wide variety of fluids, to retain solids of almost any size. All
baskets are easily removable & cleanable. Basket strainer elements can be offered in single cylinder, multi cylinder & pleated
design depending upon requirement .They are constructed of filter housing, filter element supported with perforated cage,
positive sealing arrangement to avoid any bypass & choice of end connections.

Operation of Simplex Filters

Unfiltered liquid enters the basket housing and passes down through them. Solids are retained inside / outside of basket depending upon design and are removed when the unit is serviced.

Basket filters & strainers are normally supplied with nut/bolt arrangement at the top of filter element. This will ensure any type of bypassing & confirm the position of basket, even in case of reverse flow. Fluid bypass around the basket is prevented by an optional O’-Ring seal between the basket rim and the housing inside diameter.

Basket filters & strainers are Normally supplied with nut / bolt
arrangement at the top of filter element.

Simplex Housing
Simplex Housing
Simplex Housing

Salient Features of Simplex Filters

Easy Maintenance

Can handle high flow

Efficient design for desired flow and low cost

All housings made from SS 316 L, SS 316 & SS304 are mirror
polished to resist adhesion of dirt & scale

Carbon steel housings are Epoxy coated & finally painted with
two coats of synthetic enamel

High temperature & high pressure design are available

Efficient design for Inlet/Outlet nozzles placed opposite at 180 Deg

Design Features of Simplex Filters

Precise gross Filtration area of inlet across section area for low
pressure – drop

Strainers meet ASME B 16.5 and ASME B 16.34 standard as required

Blow out gasket proof design for effective gasket sealing (Nitrile,
Viton, PTFE etc)

Our design team is capable to combat space constraints and have
successfully designed of commissioned strainers having less foot prints
area but desired flow rates

Material Of Construction of Simplex Filters

Carbon steel

Caste steel

S.S. 304

S.S. 316

S.S. 316 L

End Connections Available

NPT / BSP Threaded

Flanged Table E / Table F

ANSI B 16.5 Flanged

DIN Standard

Tri Clover Adaptors

Application of Simplex Filters

Process Industries

Chemical Industries

Oil & Gas Industries

Power Industries

Metal & Mining industries

Water & Waste management


Connection Size – 1’’ to 16’’

Class #150 to #300


Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers.
Receive the best quality prices and service.