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PP Housing

We offer high quality pp housings Polypropylene, as the raw material, non-poisonous tasteless, is melt-sprayed, extruded, stretched
and formed into tube-link core, forming a true gradient density from outer to inner surfaces, which has the character of
pressure-proof, corrosion-resistance, high precision and large flowrate.
The internal port has been enlarged from standard size to allow liquid to pass through with minimum restriction.

The larger body size allows for greater cartridge capacity, thus reducing
the number of vessels normally required in parallel installation.

PP Housing
PP Housing
PP Housing

Salient Features of PP Housings Catridge

100% pure polypropylene construction wide chemical compatibility

No lubricants or anti-static additives

Consistent filtration over the life of the cartridges

Higher dirt holding capacity

Applications of PP Housings Catridge

Residential and commercial water

Fine chemical, reagents, solvents, resins


Edible oils

Liquors, juices, sugars

Make-up Water


Materials of construction

Sump: Polypropylene

Head: Reinforced Polypropylene

Retainer Basket: Polypropylene

Seal: Silicon

Operating conditions

Max. Operating Pressure: 7 kg/cm2

Max. Operating Temperature: 700 C

Bag Capacity


Complete control over products allows us to ensure our customers.
Receive the best quality prices and service.