Sintered Filters - Polymer Sintered Cartridges


Polymer Sintered cartridges have intricate network of open celled omnidirectional pores in average sizes from 0.8 -2000 microns. Due to sintering process the filtration follows tortuous path. Not only do they act as surface filters by trapping particles larger than their average pore size , they also trap much smaller particulate matter deep in their complex channels.

Technical Specifications

Pore Size
5 microns to 200 Microns
0.35-0.70 g/cm2
Porosity SS 316L / SS 304 
SS 316
35% to 65% void volume
Temp resistance -70 Deg to 260 deg (Depends on plastic polymers)

Advantages of Polymer Sintered Catridges

  • We offer Sintered polymer filter cartridges for very special & aggressive chemical application like highly acidic and very critical application of inorganic solvents
  • polymer filter cartridges are available in various varieties like PP, PE, PVDF, PTFE
  • Sintered polymer cartridges are available in DOE type shapes and micron rating upto 1 – 2 micron
  • These  sintered polymer cartridges are partially cleanable and useful upto certain temperature ranges like polypropylene upto 90°C, Polyethylene upto 65°C, PVDF upto 200°C, PTFE upto 230°C
  • These are better for single cartridge housing fitments. However multi-cartridges installation is also possible
  • sintered polymer cartridges are very much useful for aeration & diffusion

Application of Polymer Sintered Catridges

  • Waste water
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Food Industry
  • Chemical Industry