Pleated Cartridges - Water Filter Cartridges

Aaba pleated series water filter cartridges outperform wound, spun, melt blown, resin bonded and other “depth” type filter elements because the cartridges are pleated to provide increased surface area and longer life.
Lower pressure drop is another significant advantage, using pleated cartridges, which allows for increased flow rates and the use of smaller filter housings to reduce capital equipment costs.

Further savings are provided because our 100% synthetic filter media is cleanable, five micron and up, to lower cartridge replacement costs.

These cartridges provide “depth” filtration for greater sediment removal, along with more surface area with our pleated design.


Temperature range:  40°F - 140°F (4.5°C – 60°C)
Media:  100% chemical resistant PP, PE and PET, with no binders or additives
Center tubes: PP (standard & BB); PVC, Jumbo
End caps:  Molded, Jumbo
Packaging:  All cartridges are shrink wrapped for purity

Types of Pleated Catridges

These water filter pleated cartridges are available in wide range of micron ratings and lengths.

Lower Pressure Drop For Higher Flow Rates

These cartridges are pleated, so initial pressure drop is significantly less compared to depth cartridges, such as wound, spun, melt blown and resin bonded. As a result, higher flow rates are possible, reducing filter housing size requirements to lower capital equipment costs.

Washable & Reusable

These cartridges are washable and reusable, five micron and up to reduce filtration costs. For best results, direct spray into pleats to dislodge sediment. Or, let dry and brush off filter cake from surface of the media.