Compressed Air Filters - Coaleser Filters

Coalescing Filters are used in applications where sub-micron and aerosol mists must be removed from a gas stream.

Technical Specifications of Coaleser Filters

  • Provides Optimum Protection for Downstream Equipment
  • Maximum Removal of Liquids and Solids from Air or Gas Processing Streams
  • Extremely long filter cartridge life
  • Multi-stage separation design
  • Long Service Life, Low Maintenance and Minimal Downtime with Easily Accessible Coalescing Elements
  • Reduce Maintenance and Operating Costs Associated with Contaminated Gas

Construction of Coaleser Filters

The media is usually predominantly Micro fibre glass. The core/ supports can be Galvanised, SS 304, SS 316 as per customer requirements. End caps can again be of Galvanised, SS 304 or SS 316. For gaskets we can provide Viton, Silicon, PTFE as per customer requirements.