Cellulose Paper Filter Cartridges

Aaba International offers pleated elements in a variety of sizes and end cap configurations. Medias included pleated phenolic resin impregnated paper for nominal filtration applications, pleated microglass for absolute rated applications, cleanable pleated stainless steel for high temperature or corrosive processes, and many others available for custom applications.

Aaba uses high quality materials in the construction of the pleated elements. We use plated metal components, such as end caps, outer metal wrap, and center tube, for corrosion resistance. High quality adhesives are used to insure a stable bond between filter media and end caps, and gaskets are standard on all pleated filters.

We have wide range of adhesives for specific purposes. The adhesive is selected keeping in mind specially working temperature of filters thus enhancing the life of filters and in turn enhancing life of your system.

Key Benefits

  • Efficiency ratings up to 99.5% for particulate removal
  • Multiple length cartridges available in length
  • Spiral wound center cores for high collapse rating
  • Plated metal components for corrosion resistance
  • Buna-N gaskets standard
  • Significant price savings compared to many OEM's
  • Custom sizing available for your specific application